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World Without Love

	  Mr. Heartache:Pat Hervey. 
Top of Canadian charts in '62. 

C                     Am 
Mr. Heartache took me out tonight, 
       F               G               C 
and we took in all the lonely spots in town. 
C         G            C 
Since you left me..Mr. Heartache, has been 
D                           G 
good enough to show me all around. 
G   C                  Am 
Mr. Heartache keeps me company, 
      F               G                  C 
and I tell him things I'd like to say to you. 
C   G                   C 
Mr. Heartache's been my new date, 
     F                 G               C 
ever since the day you told me we were through. 

C    F                            C 
He's with me constantly, though I don't want him around. 
C         F 
But, he's always true to me, 
F        D                         G 
he's the only one who won't let me down. 
G   C                  Am            F 
Mr. Heartache keeps me company and I tell him things 
    G              C 
I'd like to say to you. 
C   G                   C              F 
Mr. Heartache's been my new date, ever since the day 
    G               C 
you told me we were through. 

REPEAT:#'s 5&6. 
REPEAT:#6 (x2.) 

A sixties smash from Kraziekhat. 

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