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She Told Me So Acordes

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She Told Me So

D                 G             D    
I'm her world and she revolves around me 
A7                                    D 
Just being close to me makes her love grow 
                          G               D    
Each night she thanks God for the day she found me 
        E7                                       A 
Or when she came home this morning, she told me so 

A7 D G D And there's roses blooming in the Arctic Circle A Icebergs in the Gulf of Mexico A7 D G And there's not one star in heaven D G And eight don't follow seven D A7 D But I'd believe it if she told me so
I know people say she has a lover Referring to this man she's come to know Well, they're just friends, she loves him like a brother And he's never even kissed her, she told me so Chorus

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