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I'm With The Wrong One Acordes

George Jones



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I'm With The Wrong One


             A                 E 
I'm with the wrong one, yes, I know it 
             A                   D 
I'm with the wrong one and I can show it 
          A              E 
Because I love you but I know you  
          A              E 
Don't seem to care how much I cry 

             A                 E 
If you just knew how much I love you now 
             A                   D 
Just stop your lyin', stop me from cryin' 
          A              E 
But you don't wanna show your love for me is gone 
            A      E 
I'm with the wrong one. 

I'm with the wrong one but you don't care 
You don't know the pain I bear 
I'm just another what can I do 
      E               E7 
I'm someone new to you it's true 

             A                 E 
I love you dearly and so sincerely 
             A                   D 
But you don't wanna be the only one for me 
          A              E 
Although it hurts me so I have to let you go 
    A              E 
I'm with the wrong one. 

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