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Why we make things so complicated 
Seems like we just don't manage to live in peace 
What's happening with us 
Why you so unkind mankind? 
War it have to cease 

Why don't you live as one 
Regardless where you from 
Rise and take a stand 
The journey seems extreme 
But work towards your dream 
Don't you be confused now 
Jah is the supreme 

Your mood better than your situation 
And your situation a cause frustration 
Frustration a cause hesitation 
Hesitation a cause peer separation 
Man hafi go back ins meditation 
Meditation give you more inspiration 
Inspiration give you more education 
Education that a fi all the nation 
What a cause so much sufferation 
Sufferation only bring devastation 
Every day dem a come with new 
Legislation and a whole leap of things what i not mention 
Mention- the youths nuh have no occupation 
Occupation stop the desperation 
Desperation is man creation 


And the youths have sense now 
Can't trick none a dem like one time 
Got to beat dem fence dewn 
And walk through the valley with a strong mind 
No need to get tense now 
You've been doing this thing from a long time 
And I'm here now to show dem the way can't 
Make dem wait in a lang line 


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