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D             Em        Bm  F#m 
I could not remember 
I said in a whisper to myself 
I tried to get your attention, You said it 
Doesn't matter, doesn't matter 
Doesn't matter, doesn't matter 
Doesn't matter, doesn't matter 

I could not remember 
I took a hammer to my head 
I cursed the walls around me 
You said it doesn't matter 

My big tom and guitar 
Remember all of those crowded bars 
Driving on snowy mountaintops 
Maybe skating or maybe stopped 

Em    F#m      G         F#m 
Over time, you might look back 
At what you might have said 
Over time, you might look back 
At what you might have said 

D  Em  Bm  F#m 

D       Em            Bm  F#m 
Holding onto what you used to be 
You got your name, you got your main use of me 
Caught your reflection in the shop window 
Can't see your world is tumbling in the melted snow 

Em      F#m   G      F#m 
Holding on to no one 
Holding on to nothing 
Don't deny it happened 
Don't deny me no 

D  Em  Bm  F#m 

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