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Gene Clark

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Without You

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	  Intro: A 
Take away the night 
                 /F#  A 
Turn it into day 
Roll back the darkness 
                  /B  /C# 
Make it slip away 
Put your arms around me 
Tell me your love is true 
I'll tell you one thing 
If you go away 
    A            Bm   D  E  
And I don't have you 
A            Bm   D  E 
I don't have you 
   A                   Bm    
My world would only be darkness 
D              E       D 
I'd be sad and blue oo-oo 
Without you 
Tell me that you need  
To be here at by my side 
I need your faith and strength 
To hold back my pride 
Here in such a time 
Things around are strange 
I need you near 
If you go away 
D           E             F#m 
Tell me you know that you love me 
D           E              F#m 
It's not my pride now that speaks 
At a time like this the mountains are crumbling 
And fate's coming down 
   E               E7  
Please baby if you leave 
Chorus w\ last lines: 
What on earth would I do oo-oo 
Without you 
I'd be blue without you 
by: José Duarte 
[email protected] 


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