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Gene Clark

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American Dreamer

	  A                F#m    D               A 
Think of all the things that money can buy 
A              F#m             D                 A 
A ranch in the mountains and a pleasure for your eye 
A home you can call your own 
D                            A            D                  A 
Then maybe think of all the things that a dollar bill won't bring 
D               A                    D        E      A  F#m D  A 
Like someone to hold you close and a song for you to sing 
A                 F#m                    D             A 
And then think of all the years that it takes to be a fool 
A                    F#m                           D               A 
Like the lessons you learn in a lifetime like your lifetime was a 
F#m                D             A  
And then think of all the things that don't turn out what they seem 
         F#m,                 D                 E    A  F#m  D  A 
Like the love you thought you owned in the American dream 
A                                D                      A 
The American dreamer sometimes a thinker sometimes a schemer 
D                             A 
Sometimes a child sometimes a wise man 
F#m             D          A 
A lonely sole a great extremer 
D                 E            A     F#m D A 
But none the less the American Dreamer 


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