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South Of The Border Acordes

Gene Autry


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South Of The Border

South Of The Border  
As sung by Gene Autry  
South Of The Border  
Bb Ay ay ay ay F7ay ay ay ay Bb ay ay ay ay F7 ay ay ay ay Bb  
South of the Bb border, down F7 Mexico Bb way.  
F7 That's where I F7 fell in love when the {Dm}stars above came F7 out   
to play.   
And now as I wander,{Bb7}  my thoughts ever {Eb}stray,  
South of the Bb border, F7 down Mexico Bb  
She was a vision in old spanish lace.  
And for a tender while, I kissed the smile upon her face.  
For it was fiesta and we were so gay,  
South of the border, down Mexico way.  
Bb Then she smiled as she whispered F7 manana,  
Never dreaming that we were part-{Bb}ing,  
And I lied as I whispered man-{F7}ana,  
For our tomorrow never Bb came.  
South of the border, I rode back one day,  
There in a veil of white, by candle light, she knelt to pray.  
The mission bells told me, that I musn't stay,  
South of the border, down Mexico way.  
ay ay ay ay,   ay ay ay ay.  
ay ay ay ay,   ay ay ay ay. 


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