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The Fade Away

Capo en el 1er traste

We've been on a bunch of dates 
I weigh debates that this creates 
         F                                           G 
And hate that state of forced introspection 
We traded wit, we swapped some spit, 
You fingered me a little bit 
F                                       G 
But we never really had a connection 

       F                            C    F                       C 
You did nothing wrong, I have no excuse 
F            C                                             G 
Just my intuition telling me we shouldn't reproduce 

I know I have to end it 
But pretend to just suspend it 
    F                                 G 
By contending that I'm busy all week 
I let the foregone linger on 
Text back with an emoticon 
F                                 G 
Withdraw from you by being oblique 

F          C               F                   C 
Inside I know my tactics just delay it 
            F             C                                     G 
But I'd do anything so I don't have to say it 

F                                      G 
I'll draw this out forever like it's Vietnam 
                  F                         G 
Then one day I'll be gone like Bambi's mom Awww 

                                 F                      C 
Cause there's the right thing to do 
                                F                 C 
Then there's what I'm gonna do 
              F                 C 
There's so much I should say 
               G                        Am 
But instead... I do the fade away 

               G                              C 
Now I'm fading like chalk on a sidewalk 
                  G                         C 
Or the polio virus after Jonas Salk 
          G                                     C 
Like a Jewish guy at Arby's on Yom Kippur 
The Whig party post Millard Fillmore 

G                                           C 
The erection of a man on antidepressants 
      G                                         C 
The cast of Diff'rent Strokes after adolescence 
G                                       C 
Reproductive rights below the Mason Dixon 
Native Americans after the barter systems 

Dm                              G 
Your thyroid gland after Hashimoto 
Dm                                 D 
The family in the Back to the Future photo 
Yeah I fade away 

C                                         G 
We say that men are asshole who don't communicate 
       F                                                       G 
We revel in our victimhood and amplify our hate 
            C                                   G 
We find ways to be indignant like it's a sport 
                        F                                       G 
Then dissect their malignance with the views we distort  

F                        C                 F                  C 
The way men break up may be sloppy and terse 
          F                     C                  G 
What they do is bad, but what we do is worse 

       C                                 G 
We pretend to ourselves it's the nice thing to do 
      F                               G 
To let you down gently by just not fucking telling you 
        C                                       G 
And deep down we know it's the worst way to play it 
             F                          G 
But we are what we have... huge pussies 

        G                   C 
And women are hypocrites 
G                       C 
Especially ones in comedy bands 
G                               C 
We see your faults but not our own 
Then we wonder why we're all alone 

F                       C        F               C 
We fill you up with maybe's, excuses and stalls 
F                                  G 
But like a baby in China... it's better to have balls 

           F                                          G 
Not the Good Wife type like Christine Baranski 
          F                                     G 
So I'll pull out and leave like I'm Roman Polanski 

                        F                      C 
Cause there's the right thing to do 
                                F                   C 
Then there's what I'm gonna do 
                    F                       C 
There's so much I should say 
       G                                Am 
But instead... I do the fade away 
          G                               C 
Like Verbal Kint fading into Kaiser Soze 
       G                                                C 
The rights in Arizona for a guy named Jose 
G                               C 
Opportunities for a college grad 
The love between your mom and dad 
G                                C 
Gonna Peter out like a gay Cetera 
G                               C 
Iranian relations since the Regan era 
G                                        C 
Black Nike sales after Heaven's Gate 
Summer Camp attendance at Penn State 

        Dm                              G 
The name Adolph after World War Two 
        Dm                              D 
Like Debbie Gibson's pop career, Out of the Blue 
Yeah I fade away 
                G                       C 
Cause I don't wanna get to know you 
                      G          C 
I just want to blow you... off 

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