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Happy Birthday To My Loose Aquaintance

C                F  
Facebook told me it's your birthday 
  C                       F  
I wouldn't have known any other way 
          C            F  
'Cause we coexist in a mutually unstated 
Unattached cohesion that Facebook created 

     C                           F 
So I got ten seconds and they're just for you 
   C                       F 
To write on your wall like good people do 
            C                    F 
To keep our weak social tie with minimal maintenance 
      G                       C 
Happy Birthday to my loose acquaintance 

Look through my photo album, you're not in it 
If I saw you on the street, it would take me a minute 
But I'm such a thoughtful person and I totally care 
That's why there are three exclamation points there 
Am                    F 
Colon, parentheses to be more compelling 
C                     F 
All caps so it's just like I'm just yelling 
     C         F             C           F 
From top of my heart just to keep status quo 
Happy birthday dear person who I sort of know 

C                   F 
We both know you're not my real friend 
         C                     F 
You're a biproduct of a social networking trend 
        C                       F 
But you feel just as indifferently about me 
So there's no guilt in our apathetic reciprocity 

         Am                     F 
So if we don't talk much or at all this year 
  Am                      F           
Remember I sent you this afterthought cheer 
            C                   F 
To keep our minor affinity with minimal maintenance 
      G                      C 
Happy Birthday to my loose acquaintance 

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