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Someone Is Looking For Someone Like You Acordes

Gail Davies


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Someone Is Looking For Someone Like You

	  C                   F                  C 
You say that nobody cares where you're going 
              C               G  
And that your life don't mean nothing at all 
C                            F                C 
You've heard the saying 'you reap what you’re sowin' 
C                        G             C 
So plant a good seed and watch it grow tall 

C F C Somewhere a man’s got no woman to turn to C G Somewhere a woman is lonely and blue C F C Somewhere a child's got no momma to hold her C G C Someone is looking for someone like you
You've said there's no road that you care to travel Nothing to say that ain't been said before And lies a mystery that you can't unravel Well that's the key that will open that door Chorus Bridge: C F Think of all the time you waste complaining G C Think of all the good that could be done C7 F Think of all the friends you could be gaining G C If you lift your hand and help someone Chorus Chorus

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