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(Guy Charles Clark, Marty Stewart, Dave Clark)

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	  from the Time musical by Dave Clark(1986) 


G    G/F#      Em  G7 
Time waits for nobody 
C    Am        D 
Time waits for nobody 
            G              Bm             
We all must plan our hopes together 
              Em                G7 
Or we'll have no more future at all 
C A7 D         G 
Time waits for nobody 


   G                Am                Bm 
We might as well be deaf and dumb and blind 
G7                 C    A7 
I know that sounds unkind 
       C                     D 
But it seems to me we've not listened to 
   Em                 E 
Or spoken about it at all 
              Am              A          D 
The fact that time is running out for us all 


G              Em 
Time waits for nobody 
C              D 
Time waits for no-one 
             G                Bm 
We've got to build this world together 
              Em                G7 
Or we'll have no more future at all 
        C   D               G 
Because time - it waits for nobody 


    G                D                    Bm 
You don't need me to tell you what's gone wrong (gone wrong gone wrong) 
    B7                C 
You know what's going on 
       C                     D 
But it seems to me we've not cared enough 
      Em                     E 
Or confided in each other at all (confided in each other at all) 
             Am                 A                 D 
It seems that we've all got our backs against the wall 


       A#             Gm 
(Time) Time waits for nobody 
 Dm    F         G 
(Time) waits for no-one 
             C            G  
We've got to trust in one another 
               Am                G7 
Or there'll be no more future at all 
F F#m G 

Final Chorus: 

       C              Am 
Yeah - Time waits for nobody 
        Dm                  G 
No no - Time don't wait for no-one 
                  C                Em 
Let's learn to be friends with one another 
               Am                G   F E 
Or there'll be no more future at all 
Am          G#          C                C7M 
Time (time) time (time) waits for nobody waits for nobody 
C7                  G                   C 
Time time time time waits for nobody at all 
Time waits for nobody - yeah 
Dm                          G 
Time don't wait - waits for no-one 
       C                   Em 
Let us free this world for ever 
            Am                   G 
And build a brand new future for us all 
Time waits for nobody nobody nobody 
For no-one 

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