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Jesus Be a Fence Around Me Acordes

Fred Hammond


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Jesus Be a Fence Around Me

Áño: 2000 - Álbum: The Essential Fred Hammond

/ Eb7(#9) / Ab13/Eb / 
/ Eb7(#9) / Ab13/Eb / 
/ Eb7(#9) / Ab13/Eb / 
/ Eb7(#9) / 
  Ab A A#   Gb G G#   A Ab Gb Eb Db   
Eb7        Ab13       Eb 
Jesus be a fance all around me everyday 
(I?am asking you to      protect me)  
Cm7                     Ab      G7 Gb7 F7 
Jesus, I want you to protect me as  I  travel 
             Bb7  E9(#11) 
A long the way 
I Know you can   (Yes Lord) I Know you will 
Bb7           Cm7  Bm7 Bbm7 
  (Yes Lord) fight my  battles (yes Lord)  
Eb7       Ab                  A°7 
If I keep    still (Yes Lord) 
Gm7(b5)         C7(#9)      F7(b9) 
Lord, be a fence      all a round me  
Fm/Bb   Eb   Db13   C13 B13 Bb13   Bb7(#5,#9) 
( repete ) 
   This is my prayer,Lord,that I prayeach and 
     G7(#5,b9)    Cm11 
Every---------day      that you would  
                  F9               Bb7 
guid my footsteps   Lest I stumble and stray.  
    Eb7                       Ab7 
Lord, I need you to Direct me all along the way. 
A°7      Gm7(b5)      Cm7          F9 Bb7 
  Oh Lord,  be a Fence  all around me  everyday. 
Db13 C13    B13         Bb13 Bb7(#5,#9) 
       Come on, help me Say,   Jesus! Say, yeah! 
(na parte protection,protection...fica /Eb7/A9/ 
A música é basicamente isso no final modula 3x.) 
Contribuição: Dione C. Willmann([email protected]) 


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