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Daddy's Little Girl

	  Am                             c 
He drops his suitcase by the door 
G                             f 
She knows her daddy won't be back anymore 
Am                            c 
She Drags her feet across the floor 
G                                f 
Tryna hold back time to keep him holding on 

and she says 

Am                c 
Daddy daddy don't leave 
G                    f 
I'll do anything to keep you 
Am              C 
Right here with me 
G                 F 
Can't you see how much i need you 
Am                C 
Daddy daddy don't leave 
G              F 
Mommy's saying things she don't mean 
Am                  c 
She don't know what shes talking about 
G             F 
Somebody hear me out 

Am     F 
Father listen 
C        C             Am          F 
Tell him that he has a home and he don't have to go 
Am     F     
Father save him 
C       G             
I would do anything in return 
Am         F 
I'll clean my room 
C        G    
Try hard in school 
Am      F 
I'll be good i promise you 
C      G     
Father Father 

I pray to you ohhh 

(verse two : Am C G F  
Now she hasn't slept in weeks 
She don't wanna close her eyes 'cause shes scared that he'll leave 
They tried just about everything 
It's getting harder now for him to breathe 
and she says 

(pre- Chorus: Am C G F 
Daddy daddy don't leave 
I'll do anything to keep you 
Right here with me 
Can't You See how much i need you 

Daddy daddy don't leave  
the doctors are saying things they don't mean 
they don't know what their talking about 
somebody here me out 


(hook : Am F C G  
Please don't let him go (don't let him go) 
Im begging you so (i'm begging you so) 
They'll open his eyes  
there ain't no more time 
to tell him that i love him more 
than anything in the world 
is daddy's little girl 

(Chorus Am F C F  

Father (father) listen (listen) 
Tell him that  hes got a home and he don't have to go (don't have to go) 
father (father) save him 
(oh oh) i would do anything in return 
I'll clean my room 
Try hard in school 
I'll be good i promise you 
father father 

she was daddy's little girl 
Hmmmmm ohhh 

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