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Áño: 2007 - Álbum: A Voice in Time: 1939-1952

( Ray Charles and S. K. Russell)

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Em7       Cdim       Am7    D7 
It was a fiesta down in Mexico 
Em7      Cdim         Am7       D7 
And so I stopped a while to see the show 
G           Cdim      Am7   G         Am7 
I knew that frenesi meant  love me 
G  Am7    Cdim Am7   G 
And I could  say frenesi 
Em7     Cdim     Am7      D7 
A handsome cabellero caught my eye 
Em7      Cdim         Am7      D7 
I stood enchanted as he wandered by 
G      Cdim   Am7     G      Am7 
And never knowing that it came from me 
G  Am7   Cdim    Am7     G D C 
I gently sighed   frenesi 
 B         Am7             B 
He stopped and raised his eyes to mine 
C         D       Am7    B   D  C 
His lips just pleaded to be kissed 
B         Am7               B 
His eyes were soft as candleshine, 
C      Am7      D9   Am7 D7 
So how was I to resist 
Em7        Cdim      Am7      D7 
And now without a heart to call my own 
Em7     Cdim          Am7      D7 
A greater happiness I've never known 
G       Cdim   Am7    G       Am7 
Because his kisses are for me alone 
G Am7     Cdim  Am7  G 
Who wouldn't say 

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