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Sailor Song

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         D                     G            
With the first light and the little 
A         D 
Fragile moon 
       D         G              
I was out on the porch now 
    A         D 
I'm ready for doom 
         G            A           D 
And it's funny how it all came to be 
  G            A                D 
The way you so plainly chose to stare at me 

D                 G             
And the afternoon embraces you 
A                      D 
Like a million worried hands 
D                  G 
And I want to look forward 
A                   D 
Go discover foreign land 
G                   A 
In the mirror I was balancing  
On tiny strings 
G                     A 
It looks silly but oh really it's just  
A physical thing 

D          G 
So tell me why you ask me 
A          D 
To do as I please 
D              G 
I would rather fall backwards 
A          D 
And forget everything 
G                 A 
And I've tried to call on you when 
I know you're not home 
G             A 
I'm not ready for this but it's 
The way it goes 

G A D  (2x) 

D                  G 
It was easier when I knew  
A                    D 
Nnothing of what I'd missed  
D                     G         
You're so happy I can see it and that's 
A                 D 
The worst part of it 
G               A 
So let her take you out 
On sea 
G                           A 
I will wave to you from the harbor 
Oh little silly me  

Em          A 
The sailors leave in the morning 
Dm          A 
I'll be waiting for you all night 
Em            A 
The ship sets off in the morning 
Em            A 
I'll be waiting for you all right 
        A        Em 
Oh night 
        A        Em 
Oh night 
        A        Em 
Oh night 
Oh night 

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