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	  Josefin by First Aid Kit   
Standard tuning, no capo   
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G5 (used for verse, Chorus & bridge if you prefer, you don't have to separate the last two notes it sounds fine either way ) e|--------------------------------| B|------3------3------3------3----| G|------0------0------0--------0--| D|---------0-------------0--------| A|--------------------------------| E|---3--------------3-------------| C G5 (used in Chorus) e|--------------------------------| B|-----3-----3-----3-----3--------| G|-----0-----0-----0-----0--------| D|--------2-----------0-----------| A|--3-----------------------------| E|---------------3----------------| D5/A (used in Chorus & bridge) e|--------------------------------| B|------3-----3-----3-----3-------| G|------2-----2-----2-----2-------| D|---------0-----------0----------| A|---0-----------0----------------| E|--------------------------------| Cadd9 (used in last Chorus) e|---0-----------------------------| B|---3-----------------------------| G|---0-----------------------------| D|---2-----------------------------| A|---3-----------------------------| E|---------------------------------|
Intro: G5 x 4 VERSE ONE: G5 You go with feet bare in the snow, you raise up your head to the dead You seek of such magical things and nobody knows where you've been
G5 C G5 G5 C G5 In the light the growing light, you know it isn't hard to fight G5 C G5 G5 C G5 G5* The demons you left behind, the demons you left behind D5/A behind
G5 VERSE TWO: G5 You run up the hills through the sun, you go head held high, face the sky You know of such magical things and nobody knows you within
{G5} C G5 G5 C G5 In the rain the pouring rain, don't loose your hope don't loose in vain G5 C G5 G5 C G5 G5* There's demons you fear tonight, those demons you have to fight D5/A fight
G5 BRIDGE (not sure about this part): D5/A G5 D5/A G5 And if you struggle hard, rest on your brother's weary shoulder D5/A G5 D/A G5 And if you shall ever wonder, listen to your wise mother D5/A mother
{G5} C G5 G5 C G5 In the dark the growing dark, you know that you can find the spark G5 C G5 G5 C G5 G5* That guides you home my friend, that guides you home my friend (strum these two lines) D5/A My friend Cadd9 D5/A Josefin
as i previously stated, i'm not positive about what is played in the bridge what i have sounds fine, but it also sounds ok if you play it the same way as the Chorus *the G5 at the end of the Chorus just before the D5/A are played like this e|---------------| B|------3------3-| G|------0------0-| D|---------0-----| A|---------------| E|---3-----------|

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