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Capo en el 5º traste

Intro:  C Am 

C                  Am             C                  Am 
brother, you are my guiding star, wherever you roam i won't be far 

Fmaj7    Am       E                   Am 
   I have so many things to learn from you 

Fmaj7   Am       E              Am          Fmaj7                  C 
   I was so lost until you came through and led me through the dark 

C                 Am                  C                        Am 
brother, come close don't stray away, for I know you'll turn and run from us someday  

Fmaj7           Am          E               Am 
   like you must, we all do i've been there too 

Fmaj7       Am               E            Am             Fmaj7               C 
   if it all gets too real I know how you feel and i'll be your guiding light 

Fmaj7   Am    E       Am               Fmaj7      G 
världen är sÃ¥ stor min bror, den är sÃ¥ skrämmande stor 

Fmaj7   Am       E         Am   Fmaj7                    G 
när det blir för tungt min bror lägger du tyngden pÃ¥ mig dÃ¥ 

C                 Am 
brother, I haven't always been near 

C                                    Am 
there's so much i've been through the last couple of years 

(ok for this first part I have absolutely no idea what they're singing but it's the same chord progression 
as before) 

Fmaj7   Am        E               Am 
   ???? ???? ???? with or without me 

Fmaj7       Am                E               Am 
   here I am, understand it's where I want to be 
            Fmaj7          C 
I'll follow you my guiding star 

C Am (end on C) 

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