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Satisfaction Guaranteed


F                                     C                                           G 
Mystery surrounds me, and I wonder where I'm going. 
There's a cloud above me and it seems to hide the way. 
I'm going straight ahead, cuz it's the only way I know. 
I wanna leave the past, and leave just for today. 

G Now then, tell me baby, do you need my love? Tell me baby, are you thinking of me? Tell me baby, what it is you need, What kind of satisfaction guaranteed?
F C G Sitting in the gutter with my head wrapped in my hands. I've been drinking all night, and I just can't stand the pain. It took an awful lotta trouble just to make me understand. Now it's clear to me, but will it ever be the same? REPEAT Chorus GUITAR SOLO over verse chords, F-G-C x 4. REPEAT Chorus F C G Head upon the highway, just as fast as I could go. I rode through the night, and halfway through the day. I had no direction I didn't even want to know where I was going. The only thing I knew, was that I had to get away. REPEAT Chorus G Tell me baby...Tell me baby...Tell me baby, do you need my love? Now that I'm here, yeah...Do you need...Do you need my love?

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