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The Hunger

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	  Intro: D (2x) 

Cut it out, cut it out 

I know it's what 
       C          D   G   D   C 
You're wanting to say 
Burning up, burning up 

I know why 
       C          D   G   D   C 
You're feeling this way 

There's an ache 
   A      G   D  Dm 
You can't erase 
 Am   Em 
A yearning 
G              C 
That you can't replace 

Ab And you want Him C And you need Him Bb But you act Like He's not there Ab Yeah, you know Cm That you're hollow Bb And something's Missing here Ab So you push And you pull The hole in your soul Eb But you can't make F The hunger disappear
(D A D) Dm You got a rusted out Lock on your door C D G D C Getting ready to break Dm You've held back Love long enough C D G D C I think it's time to cave E A G D Dm You're waiting for a sign Am Em G C The fact is faith is blind (Refrão) Ab Do you want to spend Your whole life jaded? Cm Stuck in a rut That you created Ab Why don't you Break the cycle? Bb Cm Let love win (Refrão)

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