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God Lifts Up The Lowly Acordes

Ezra Furman



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God Lifts Up The Lowly

Tuning: D G C G# A D 

      E                     Am 
Some angels will carry you homeward 
      E                      Am 
Other angels you don't wanna meet 
      E                 E7 
My guardian angel's got wings of tinfoil 
    A*                         E 
And cigarettes found in the street 
   E                       Am 
My angel's got eyes like a housing project 
E                    Am 
He was born inside a guitar 
     E                     E7 
And I can't forget his red lips and eyelashes 
      A*                          B* 
And his "How'd we end up where we are?" 

C#m*             A* 
There's nothing doing on the main streets 
C#m*             A* 
Let's take the alley for the evening 
C#m*       A*                        B* 
And we're driving in a car that won't slow down 
Making ourselves up in the rear view mirror 

F#7 I know God lifts up the lowly A* F#7 I know God lifts up the lowly A*
Verse E Am We're searching the trunk every morning E Am We tore out a tracking device E E7 And I pray for plagues to come down on this Egypt A* E And I dream of blood, fire and lice E Am I wake with my coat for a blanket E Am My angel's been up for an hour E E7 I've looked deep into this frail human body A* B* And I know that I carry a power Pre-Chorus C#m* A* We'll never make it on the main streets C#m* A* They'll force us back into the alley ways C#m* A* B* And we're re-arranging furniture A* In a burning house
F#7 I know God lifts up the lowly A* F#7 I know God lifts up the lowly
Outro E Am Ram v'nisa, gadol v'nora E Am Mashpil ge'im u'magbiha shfalim E Am Motzi asirim u'podeh anavim E Am V'ozer dalim E Am V'oneh l'amo b'et shavam eilav E

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