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Time After Time Acordes

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Time After Time

	  Intr: D4   D    D9  (Forma simplificada)  
D4  D  D9 
Lying my bed ,Ihear  clock  the  tick  thinking of  you 
D4  D  D9 
Turning  in  circles   confusion is nothing  knew  
G         A7                  G           A7                F#m 
Flahs back to one nigths almost left behind  
G         A7                 G                  A7 
Switcase of memories time after 
D4  D  D9 
Sometimes you picture me I"m walkin too for ahead 
D4  D  D9 
Your "re colling to me  I can"t-hear-what your 're said 
G              A7                G                  F#m       
You say go   slow   I fall   l  Fall   behind  
G           A7                      G 
The second  hand  unwinds 
                     A7                                                      Bm 
If  you"re  lost  you  can  look and you  will  find  me  
G       A7      D 
Time  afte  time  
           A7                                Bm 
If  you  fall  I  will  cath I"ll  be  waiting                      
G         A7       D 
Time  after  time   
D4  D  D9 
After your picture-fades and darkness-has  turned  to gray  
D4  D  D9 
Watching   thoug  windows  I"m  wondering  if your "re okay 
             A7       G        A7    Bm    
You  say  go slow ,I fall  behind   
G      A7                              G  
The drum beats out of  ime   
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