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Them There Eyes

(Maceo Pinkard, Doris Tauber and William Tracey )

Intro: F#m Fdim Em7 A7 F#m Fdim Em7 A7  

D         F#m            Bm7         Bm7/E  
I fell in love with you first time I looked into   
D6    Fdim   D6  
Them there eyes.  
D         F#m          Bm7         Bm7/E  
You have a certain, a cute way of flirting with   
E7/9 Cdim  E7/9  
Them there eyes.  
Em7 G/B     A7      A7/13-    D    F#m     Bm7     Bm7   
They make me feel so happy, they make me feel so blue.  
E7  Bm5-/7   Cdim  E7            A7       G/B     A7   A7/13-  
I'm falling, no stalling, in a great big way for you.  
D           F#m           Bm7        Bm7/E  
My heart is jumpin' when you started somethin' with   
D6     Fdim   D6  
Them there eyes.  
D          F#m      Bm7         Bm7/E  
You better look out little brown eyes,   
G G/F#     Em7  
If you're wise.  
G      G/B     Gm7 Gdim  
They sparkle, they bubble,   
D    Bm5-/7           E7          A7  
Gonna get you in a whole lotta trouble.  
D           F#m          Bm7            B7  
You're over workin' em, there's danger lurkin' in   
E7     A7      D  
Them there eyes. 

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