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Anything To Say You're Mine

Áño: 2000 - Álbum: The Chess Box


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E|------------| B|------------| G|----------2-| D|----2-3-5---| A|3-5---------| E|------------|
F A Ohh Ohh Dm G7 I'm so blue C Bb C Cause I'm worried over you F A I, I Dm Sometimes wonder G7 C7 Why I never hear from you F You promised to write me F7 Each and everyday Bb And I haven't heard from you Since you went away F A Oohh oohh Dm I sit by my window pane G7 Hoping for a letter C One that never came F A7 My heart Dm Cries for just One little line G7 C F C Anything to say you're mine Solo F A Dm Oohh, oohh, oohh, oohh ( Bb Dm Gm7 F#7 F7M C7 ) ( F A7 Dm G7 Gm7 ) C F G7 I said a prayer F7 Bb Every night, hoping Hoping and praying Someday, someday you'd write F A7 Oohh, oohh D7 My heart cries Dm7 For one little line G7 Anything C7 F To say you're mine Final Bb7M Am G5 F F7M

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