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I'd Really Love To See You Tonight

(Parker McGee)

Intro: F x3  C7 

verse 1: 

Gm7     C7       F            Gm7      C7        F 
Hello, yeah it's been awhile, Not much how 'bout you? 

Am7          Dm7                     C                    C7 
I'm not sure why I called, Guess I really just wanted to talk to you. 

verse 2: 

Gm7       C7             F         Gm7          C7           F 
And I was thinking maybe later on, We could get together for awhile. 

Am7              Dm7                 C                  C7 
It's been such a long time, And I really do miss your smile. 


Bb                    Am7       Dm7        
I'm not talking 'bout movin' in,    

      Bb                        Am7  Dm7 
And I don't want to change your life 

              Bb                    Am7       Dm  
But there's a warm wind blowing the stars are out 

        C (hold)                        F (Repeat intro) 
And I'd really love to see you tonight 

verse 3: 

We could walking through a windy park, Or take a drive along the beach 
Or stay a home and watch TV, You see it really doesn't matter much to me. 


Dm              Am7       Bb     C7            F 
I won't ask for promises, So you won't have to lie. 

Dm                     Am7 
We've both played this game before. 

C              C7 
Say I love you, Say goodbye 

(Outro)  Chorus x 4 to fade 

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