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	  Intro: Dmaj7 

Dmaj7         Bm      G 
Ainseley- I know 
        Em      Dmaj7 
I'm too old, 
                    Bm               G 
and the youth group is wrong for me. 
I'm poetically on your leash, 
        Dmaj7                   Bm 
and I'm going there to make you want me 
     Gmaj7           A               Bm 
I'll save my soul so you can catch a peek 
       Gmaj7       A            Bm 
Of the beautiful ideas and ugly dreams 
        Gmaj7              A               Dmaj7 
and the wavelengths that I keep in tension 

    Bm        G 
Taraka's home. 
                 Em       Dmaj7 
By that time I'm sleeping, 
                    Bm     G 
And she gets in the pool 
To make sure she's breathing. 
  Gmaj7             A                   Bm 
I want to check her breath for signs of hope, 
      Gmaj7            A                Bm 
And I want to mine her mind for game codes 
          Gmaj7       A              Bm 
All those beautiful ideas and lovely quotes... 
            Gmaj7                 A 
I won't you hold you close 'cause I'd cry 

Dmaj7 Bm Dmaj7 Bm 
Dmaj7 Bm Dmaj7 Bm 
Dmaj7 Bm Dmaj7 Bm 

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