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Emmylou Harris



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Western Wall

Intro: Bb  Gm 

I stand here by the Western Wall 
Maybe a little of that wall stands inside of us all 
I shove my prayers in the cracks 
I've got nothing to lose no one to answer back 
Eb        Cm                        Eb 
All these years I've brought up for review 
Eb     Cm                                 Eb 
Wasn't taught this but I learned something new 
Eb     Cm                   F 
And to answer the distance call 
       Bb           Gm 
At the western wall 
I've got a heart full of fear 
And I offer it on this alter of tears 
Red dust settles deep in  my skin 
I don't know where it start and  where I begin 
Eb     Cm                       Eb 
It's a crumbling pile of broken stones 
Eb       Cm                   Eb 
It ain't much but it might be home 
Eb   Cm                    F 
If I ever loved a place at all 
         Bb      Gm 
It's the western wall 

Eb     Cm                    Eb 
I dont know if God was ever a man 
Eb         Gm                   Eb 
But if she was I think I understand 
Eb     Cm                         F 
Why he found a place to break his fall 
         Bb      Gm     Bb   Gm    Bb 
Near the Western Wall 

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