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Tragedy Acordes

Emmylou Harris



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Intro: Db Ab (4x) 

Ab       Db   Ab 
Some say it's destiny 
Db                  Ab 
Whether triumph or tragedy 
Db                                 Ab 
But I believe we cast our nets out on the sea 
And nothing we gather 

Comes for free 
Db                                 Ab 
I would have paid down through the years 
Db                           Ab 
A price beyong rubies beyond tears 
To keep you safe with me 
Db                          Ab 
But your suspicion and your fear 
Db                     Ab            Eb 
Your vow to let nobody near was your trinity 
       Db Ab   Db Ab 
Such a tragedy 
Ab         Db        Ab 
I drew the best hand you'd ever hold 
Db                         Ab 
Then cashed my winnings in long ago 
Db                     Ab 
Settled for silver how could I know 
You were waiting with the gold 
Db                                 Ab 
I could have caused your heart to yield 
          Db                         Ab 
But I was only a disturbance in the field 
Of your dreams 
Db                       Ab 
And I will never see you cry 
Db                          Ab 
You won't be with me when I die 
A waste of you and me 
  Db Ab   Db Ab 
A tragedy 
We took the wrong train to 
Kingdom come now 
No more damage 
Can be done baby 
Fm                 Db          Ab 
It's just what the world don't need 
Ab                   Eb    Ab  Db Ab Db Ab Db Ab Db Ab Eb 
It's another stinkin tragedy 
Db                   Ab 
That's how the story goes 
Db                        Ab 
Our chapter's coming to a close 
We are history 
Db                         Ab 
But I will always think of you 
Db                          Ab 
Every day until my days are through 
You made me believe 
   Db Ab 
In tragedy 

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