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The Traveling Kind Acordes

Emmylou Harris



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The Traveling Kind

	  C        Am      G7       F    G7  C 
We don't all die young to save our spark 

         Am    G7    F 
From the ravag-es of time 

        Am        G7      F     G7    C 
But the first and last to leave their mark 

     F   C  Am       G7        C 
Some-day be-come the traveling kind 

       Am       G7       F  G7  C 
In the wind are names of po-ets past 

          Am         G7        F 
Some were friends of yours and mine 

       Am       G7      F    G7  C 
And to those un-sung we lift our glass 

          F     C  Am       G7        C 
May their songs be-come the traveling kind 

        Am      G7         F  G7  C 
We were born to brave this tilted world 
         Am          G7     F 
With our hearts laid on the line 

      Am          G7     F   G7   C 
Be it way crossed boy or red dirt girl 

    F    C  Am        G7        C 
The song be-comes the traveling kind 

          Am        G7          F      G7 C 
There are mountains worth their weight in gold 

     Am      G7       F 
Mere mortals dare not climb 

        Am    G7      F   Am   C 
Come ye tipsy sainted sin-ners both  

    F     C    Am      G7        C 
And claim them for the traveling kind 

         Am    G7     F      G7 C 
When the music slowly starts to fade 

         Am           G7     F 
Into the light's last soft decline 

       Am       G7      F       C 
Let us lie down in that evening shade 

    F    C Am         G7        Am 
And rest a mooing the traveling kind 
        F    C    Am         G7        C 
And the song goes on for the traveling kind 

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