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Spanish Is A Loving Tongue Acordes

Emmylou Harris



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Spanish Is A Loving Tongue

	  A             D  
Spanish is a  loving tongue 
A              B        E 
Soft as music light as spray 
A             D 
Was a girl he learned it from 
A           E      A        
Living down Sonora way 
D        E          D      A   
He don't look much like a lover 
A      F#m      B           E 
But he says her love words over 
A                 D            
Mostly when he's all alone 
A       E      A    
Mi amor mi corazon 
A                  D 
On the nights that he would ride 
A                B       E  
She would listen for his spurs 
A                      D 
Throw those big doors open wide 
A                    E       A 
Raise them laughing eyes of hers 
D         E           D       A 
How those hours would get to flyin' 
A       F#m        B        E 
All too soon he'd hear her sighing 
A             D 
In her little sorry tone 
A        E     A 
Mi amor mi corazon 


A                  D 
He ain't  seen her since that night 
A                  B         E 
He can't cross the line     you know 
A                   D    
They want him for a gambling flight 
A           E           A        
Like as not it's better so 
D        E      D              A         
Yet he's always sort of missed her 
A          F#m          B               E 
Since that last sad night he kissed her 
A               D        
Lost his heart left her own 
A      E     A 
Adios  mi corazon 
A               D        
Lost his heart left her own 
A      E     A 
Adios  mi corazon 

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