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Emmylou Harris



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Seeing Double

	  G7     C 
Well I really had a ball last night 
  F                        C 
I held all the pretty boys tight 
I was feeling single seeing double  
Wound up in a whole lotta trouble 
But today I'll face the big fight  
      G7                     C 
But I really had a ball last night 

When I came home from work this morning  
   F                C 
My baby was feeling low 

And he told me what was on his mind  
        D7                    G7 
Then he told me where I could go 
Well I didn't go where he told me to 
          F                     C 
Cause the water was cold in the lake 
            F                     C          A7 
Now there's something fishy 'bout this whole deal 
        D7          G7      C 
I don't see where I made my mistake 

Repeat #1 

When I woke up this morning  
     F              C 
Like me the sun was high 

Well I started walking the long way home  
        D7          G7 
Just to think of an alibi 
Well I couldn't think of a doggone thing  
     F                   C 
That hadn't already been said 
     F                   C          A7 
So I guess I better just play it by ear  
D7        G7      C 
Cause I'm already dead 
Repeat #1 

But today I'll face the big fight  
      G7                     C 
But I really had a ball last night 

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