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Sailing Round The Room

Áño: 2008 - Álbum: All I Intended to Be

(Emmylou Harris)

	  F#       E/G#          A 
One last gaze upon the sun    
B7                   E7 
Bid farewell to everyone   
F#          E/G#           A  
Kicked that bucket out the door   
C#                     D 
Where I'm goin I won't need it anymore 

Bm           F#      E7   Bm              F#    E7 
Gonna lay my burden down, take a birdseye look around 
B7                         F#    E7 
From the tall pines of Carolina, all the way to the Wall of China 

A F# E7 So I go sailing round the room, through my window cross the silver moon F# D/A F# D No flesh and bone to hold me, I'll finally set my soul free E7 A When I go sailing round the room
B7 A E7 I will be in the smoke from Mauna Loa, morning mist on the Shenandoah B7 A E7 I will be grain of sand in the Kalahari, magnolia by the Mississippi B7 A E7 I will be bird song when the day is breaking, words of love when your heart is aching B7 A E7 I will be blue bonnet by the highway, I'll be everywhere and always

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