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Maybe Tonight Acordes

Emmylou Harris

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Maybe Tonight

	  Intro:  Bb  Eb  Bb  Eb 
Bb            Eb       Bb  
Maybe tonight I'll get lucky 
G#        Eb         Bb  
I've been lonely too long 
              Eb        Bb  
Maybe tonight some dark stranger 
     G#      Eb           Bb 
Will hear me singing this song 
Gm                   Cm 
I've been down, I've played around 
Gm                   Cm 
I don't like it that way 
G#                     Eb    F       Bb   
Oh, won't you treat me right maybe tonight 
Maybe this time I'll be saying  
The words that I wanted to say 
Maybe this time I'll be staying 
For more than just a day 
G#              Eb    Bb 
I'm so tired of being free 
   G#     Eb      Bb 
Of living just for me 
Gm                           F       Bb 
Oh, won't you treat me right maybe tonight 
Verse 1 and Chorus but half measure up to C  
by: José Duarte 
[email protected] 


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