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Mary Danced With Soldiers Acordes

Emmylou Harris


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Mary Danced With Soldiers

	  Intro: D (softly 1st strum, then louder for rhythm) 
D                    G            A       D 
She'd slip away each day with the dimming light 
D                                 G        A        D 
And with the sweetest smile she'd kiss the child goodnight 
D      G                   A                      D     
At the mill she'd work her fingers till they were raw 
D                               G        A     D 
For the sake of her son and the daddy he never saw 

G D Mary danced with soldiers G A D She stepped a light quadrille G D Shawl across her shoulders D A D G D D A D To keep away the chill, to keep away the chill Verse 2, same chords It was a rebel boy who brought her joy they say Though the years passed the memories stood fast each day Before a bullet crushed the life of their romance He gave her a shawl and a parasol from France Chorus Verse 3, same chords They came around to the tavern in town that night And with silent cries Mary never tried to fight They cut her hair and left her body torn Her spirit slipped away before the dawn Chorus twice

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