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Emmylou Harris



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Mansion On The Hill

B                   E              B 
There's a place out on the edge of town sir 
        E                      B 
Risin' above the factories and fields 
           E                        B 
Now  ever since I was a child I can remember 
     F#7            B 
That mansion on the hill 
B                  E                B 
In the day you can see the children playing 
       E                                           B 
On a   road that leads to those gates of hardened steel 
      E                          B 
Steel gates that completely surround sir 
     F#             B 
That mansion on the hill 
B                   E                B 
At night my daddy'd take me and we'd ride 
                         E                  B 
Through the streets of a town so silent and still 
          E                            B 
Park on a back road along the highway signs sir 
     F#                        B 
Look up at the mansion on the hill 

B              E                   B 
In the summer all the lights would shine 
                 E                              B 
There'd be music playin  people laughin all the time 
          E                                       B 
Me and my brother we'd lie down  in the tall cornfields sir 
F#7                                   B 
Sit and listen to the mansion on the hill 
B            E              B 
Tonight down here in Linden Town 
            E                              B 
I watch the cars rushin' by  home from the mill 
          E                   B 
There's a beautiful full moon rising 
 F#7                     B          F#7      B 
Above the mansion on the hill 

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