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Lost His Love On Our Last Date Acordes

Emmylou Harris



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Lost His Love On Our Last Date

	  G         C               G            C 
It's over our love affair too late now I find I care 

G              C 
His sweet love no more I'll share 

         G        D7          G                 C 
Now he's gone I'm alone I was wrong should have known 

        G       D7       G 
Took me home on our last date 

G              C            G           C 
I searched for a simple way to tell him what I had to say 

G            C 
I kissed him watched him walk away 

        G           D7      G      C 
Set him free foolishly destiny misery 

     G     D7       G 
Tragedy on our last date 

       C            D7        G 
Took a ring from my trembling finger 

          C         D7        G 
Brushed a tear from my baby's eyes 

       C           D7            G             Em 
Walked away didn't know that I'd soon miss him so 

C                             D7 
I guess I was too young to realize 

G      C                 G           C 
So bli-nd I couldn't see how much he really meant to me 

G                      C 
And that soon he would always be 

      G          D7          G                    C 
On my mind in my heart I was blind right from the start 

         G       D7       G 
Lost his love on our last date 

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