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I'll Be Your San Antone Rose Acordes

Emmylou Harris


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I'll Be Your San Antone Rose

	  Intro Chords: 
D  A  E  
If they'll play another love song  
And if that Miller Highlife light stays dim  
D                                   A 
And if you'll keep my glass full of whiskey  
     E                                A 
I'll whisper words I wish I'd said to him  
Just ask me to dance all the slow ones  
Hold me close and take me 'cross the floor 
I'll gently lay my head on your shoulder  
And pretend this never happened before  
D A I don't want to hear a sad story D E A We both already know how it goes D A So if you'll be my tall dark stranger E A I'll be your San Antone Rose
I wish I could tell you I love you I wish that he weren't always on my mind If wishes were fast trains to Texas I'd ride and I'd ride, how I'd ride Chorus

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