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Goin' Back To Harlan Acordes

Emmylou Harris



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Goin' Back To Harlan

Capo en el 1er traste

  (Intro) Am  C  F  G  (2x) 

  (verse 1) 

      Am                 C  
There were no cuckoos, no sycamores. 
   F                G            
We played about the forest floor 
Dm               C  
  underneath the silver maples, 
G                     Am  
  the balsams and the sky. 

  (verse 2)
   Am                   C  
We popped the heads off dandelions, 
  F                 G  
assuming roles from nursery rhymes. 
Dm              C  
  Rested on the riverbank, 
G                    Am 
  and grew up by and by. 
G                    Am  Am 
  And grew up by and by 


  Frail my heart apart, 
and play me a little Shady Grove. 
  Ring the bells of rhymney, 
til they ring inside my head forever. 
C                          G  
  Bounce the bow, rock the gallows 
for the hangman's reel. 
    G                       C        G 
And wake the devil from his dre-eeee-eam 

C G I'm goin back to Harlan, oh oh oh oh C G I'm goin back to Harlan, oh oh oh oh Am Am I'm going back to Harlan
(verse 3) Am C And if you were Willie Moore F G and I was Barbara Allen, Dm C or Fair Ellen all sad at the cabin door G Am a-weeping and a-pinin' for love. G Am Am A-weeping and a-pinin' for love. (repeat bridge) (repeat Chorus) (break) G C G (repeat Chorus) (break) G C G (repeat Chorus) (break) G C G (outro) C G C G C G C

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