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Every Time You Leave Acordes

Emmylou Harris



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Every Time You Leave

	  C      Em       F         G7                C 
E-very time you leave you tear the soul from me 
C              G7             C 
I die a little more each time part 
        Em         F 
I can't control my dreams 
   G7                  C 
My heart can't seem to learn  

C                    G7            C 
To turn and lock its door when you return  

  G7                    C 
I know that you'll come back again 
   G7              C 
As soon as you get blue 
    G7               C 
And I know what will happen then 
    D7                 Dm    G7 
One kiss and I'll give in to you 
C      Em       F         G7                C 
E-very time you leave you tear the soul from me  

C                     G7 
But I want to live so I'll forgive 
D7             C 
Every time you leave 

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