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Lucky Man

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	  Lucky Man   Emerson, Lake and Palmer   

:capo second fret   

  G             D           G              D    
  He had white  horses and  ladies by the  score    
  G               D          G               D    
  All dressed in  satin and  waiting by the  door     

  Am          G             D    
  Ooh what a  lucky man he  was     
  Am          G             D    
  Ooh what a  lucky man he  was     

  G               D              G            D    
  White lace and  feathers they  made up his  bed     
  G               D            G             D    
  A gold covered  mattress on  which he was  led     


  G                 D             G                D    
  He went to fight  wars for his  country and his  king     
  G                     D          G             D    
  Of his honor and his  glory the  people would  sing     


  G             D               G                D    
  A bullet had  found him, his  blood ran as he  cried     
  G               D               G                D    
  No money could  save him so he  lay down and he  died     


Submitted by Allan Hurd  E-mail  [email protected]   


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