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C'est La Vie Acordes

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C'est La Vie

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	   C'est la (Am) vie, have your (G) leaves all turned to brown
Will you (Am) scatter them (G) around you, (Am) C'est la vie
Do you (Am) love, and then (G)how am I to know
If you (Am) don't let your love (G) show for me, (Am) C'est la vie

(D) O-oh, c'est la (Am) vie, (D) O-oh, c'est la (Am) vie Who (G) knows, who (B) cares for (E) me, C'est la (Am) vie
(Am - G) In the night, do you light a lover's fire Do the ashes of desire for you remain Like the sea there's a love to deep to show Took a storm before my love flowed for you, C'est la vie (Am - G) Like a song, out of tune and out of time All I needed was a ryhme for you, C'est la vie Do you give, do you live from day to day Is there no song I can play for you, C'est la vie

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