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Figure 8 Acordes

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Figure 8

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Intro: Em  Em  Em/C  Asus2 (2x) 

Em                         G 
Breathe your smoke into my lungs 
Em                                G                                       
In the back of the car with you I stare into the sun 
Em                       G 
Still not too old to die young 
           C      G        D 
The lovers hold on to everything 
           C      G      D 
And others hold on to anything 
Am            C                    Em 
I chased your love around a figure 8 
I need you more than I can take 
Am              C              Em 
You promised forever and a day 
And then you take it all away 

Am  C  Em  D (2x) 

Em                      G 
Place a kiss on my cheekbone 
Then you vanish me 
I'm buried in the snow 
Em                              G 
But something tells me I'm not alone 
           C      G        D 
But lovers hold on to everything 
           C      G       D 
And others hold on to anything 


Em  Em  Em/C Em/C  Asus2 

           C      G         D 
So, Lovers hold on to everything 
           C      G   D
And others hold to anything

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