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You Turned The Tables On Me Acordes

Ella Fitzgerald



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You Turned The Tables On Me

Áño: 2007 - Álbum: Love Letters from Ella


D F#m     Bm   Em7       D  G A7 
I was the apple of your eye, 
D F#m     C   Am7       D   Am7 Gdim D 
I had you with me every day 
D          G    Edim     D      A7 
But now whenever you are passing by  
D                 7         G5  A4/7 Bm  Bm7/E G  Em7 
You're always looking the other   way 
Bm           F#m                  B7           A7/13 
It's little things like this that prompt me to say 
    D6         Fdim  Edim Em7  Edim 
You turned the tables on  me 
A7  Em7 Edim  D           D6 
And now I'm  falling for you 
    D6         Fdim  Edim Em7  Edim 
You turned the tables on me  
A7 Em7/9 Edim   Cdim           B7 
I  can't  believe    that it's true, 
Cdim   Am7   G6               G5 
I al - ways thought when you brought 
    G6     Fdim 
The lovely presents you bought 
Edim D6    D9   G     A7/9-  D6      
Why hadn't you brought me more, 
     G     G/F#  Em7      Em6      Gm7      Gdim 
But now if you'd come, I'd welcome anything from 
     A7      G6  A7/9-   A7 
The five and ten cent store 
D6          Fdim   Edim Em7  Edim 
You used to call me the top 
     A7      D        D6 
You put me up on a throne 
D           D9   D     D7/9 
You let me fall with a drop 
D7/9 Am7 Fdim G9       G 
And  now I'm out on my own. 
    G7    Gm7         Edim Gdim Gm7 
But after thinking it over and  over 
  D            F#7       B7 
I got what was coming to me  
G6            A7/9-        A7 
Just like the sting of a bee, 
Em4/7             A7  D  Cdim Em7 A7 Cdim Em7 A7 
 You turned the tables  on  me. 

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