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'tis Autumn Acordes

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'tis Autumn

(Henry Nemo )

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Introd.: Em7 A7 G/B A7 

    D            D6         Dm7+          Dm6 
Old Father time checked, so there'd be no doubt 
 A7M           F#m       C#m5-/7        F#7 
Called on the North wind   to  come on out 
  A              E         D9        B7 
Then cupped his hands so proudly to shout 
D9             E7              D9         A 
"La-di-dah  di-dah-di-dum, 'tis autumn" 
  D               D6            Dm7+            Dm6 
Trees say they're tired, they've born too much fruit 
 A7M           F#m     C#m5-/7         F#7 
Charmed on the wayside, there's no dispute 
A              E          D9           B7 
Now shedding leaves, they don't give a hoot  
D9             E7              D9         A 
La-di-dah  di-dah-di-dum, 'tis autumn 

         Em7           A7      G/B               A7 
Then the birds got together to chirp about the weather 
D      G/B   A7     D6 
Mmmm - mmm - mmm - mmm 
      F#m7           B7          F#m7          B7 
After makin' their decision, in birdie-like precision 
E7       F#m             B7              E7 
Turned about, and made a beeline to the south 
   D           D6         Dm7+    Dm6 
My holding you close really is no crime  
        A7M           F#m     C#m5-/7       F#7 
Ask the birds and the trees and old Father Time 
      A       E        D9      B7 
It's just to help the mercury climb 
D9             E7              D9         A 
La-di-dah  di-dah-di-dum, 'tis autumn 

Interlude: D D6 Dm7+ Dm6 A7M F#m C#m5-/7 F#7 

A       E        D9      B7 
It's just to help the mercury climb 
D9             E7              F7    A 
La-di-dah  di-dah-di-dum, 'tis autumn 

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