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The Turnaround Acordes




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The Turnaround

(Mark Oliver Everett/Koool G Murder/Chet Lyster)


Em  G6   A  
Em         G6            A     
  Another morning in the evening 
Em         G6            A     
  Tie and spoon on the floor 
Em           G6            A     
  And I don’t even know her name (Or if she lives here)    
Em       G6             A     
  Had enough but I want more 
C           Dsus2        Em  
  I don’t remember how I got here 
And how long it’s been now 
C         Dsus2        C 
  A day or two, maybe more 

Em         G6                 A     
  Home to home I spent the days 
Em        G6         A     
  Never wanted anywhere 
Em         G6                  A     
  I always bit the hand that beat me (And they wrote me off) 
Em          G6         A     
  It’s easy not to care 

C      Dsus2       Em  
  Never trusted anyone 
Don’t see why I should now 
C          Dsus2         C 
Fate's unblinking, never fair 

Em   G6   A   (x2) 
C    Dsus2    Em    G6   C   Dsus2  C 

Em   G6   A   

Em                     Bm    G            A  
  You’re all gonna be sorry when I leave town 
F#            Bm        C       Dsus2      B 
  And get it together, for the turnaround 
Em               Bm     
  6 bucks in my pocket  
G                       A 
  and these shoes on my feet 
F#                         Bm 
  The first step is out the door  
C               Dsus2  B  
  and onto the street 
(repeat this last part x3) 

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