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You Gotta Have Heart Acordes

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You Gotta Have Heart

   D              Am       D                      G - Gmaj7 
1. You gotta have heart... all you really need is heart 
   Em                       Am 
   When the odds are sayin' you'll never win...  
   D                           G - Gmaj7 
   That's when the grin should start 

   D                 Am      D                      G - Gmaj7                 
2. You've gotta have hope... mustn't sit around and mope 
   E        E7             Am 
   Nothin's half as bad as it may appear... 
   C                        G 
   Wait'll next year... and hope 

         When your luck is battin' zero 
         G                     C 
         Get your chin off the floor 
         Mister you can be a hero 
         A       A7       D 
         You can open any door... 

         There's nothin' to it but do it 

                  Am       D                            G - Gmaj7 
3. You gotta have heart... miles and miles and miles of heart 
   E       E7           Am                      C            Am               G - Gmaj7 
   Oh it's fine to be a genius of course... but keep the old horse before the cart 
   Am           Am7        G 
   First you've gotta have heart 

   (Repeat all verses) 

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