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Once I Loved Acordes

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Once I Loved

(Antonio Carlos Jobim e Vinícius de Moraes )

Introd: B7/9 Bm7 E7/9- A7M F#7/9-  
   Bm7  E9/13-  A7M   A#dim   
Once I        loved  
 Bm7                   Cdim   
And I gave so much to this love  
You were the world to me  
Am7  D9/13-     G7M  
Once   I         cried  
G#m5-/7                            C#7  
At the thought I was foolish and proud  
        F#7M      F#7  
And let you say goodbye  
Bm7  E9/13-   A7M   A#dim   
Then one       day  
Bm7                           Cdim   
From my infinite sadness you came  
And brought me love again  
Am7   D9/13-   G7M  
Now   I        know  
G#m5-/7                       C#7  
That no matter what ever be falls  
     F#7M   F#7  
I'll never say goodbye  
B7             E7M  
I will hold you close  
A7        D7M  
Make you stay  
         D#dim               Dm6                 F#7/C#  F#m  
Because love is the saddest thing when it goes away  
  D#dim               Dm6                 F#7/C#  F#m  
The   love is the saddest thing when it goes away 

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