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Dream Theater


Shalon Gripp

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(James LaBrie / music by Myung/ Petrucci/ Portnoy/)

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	  Intro:  Dm7/9   Bbm7+      (4x) 
          Dm        G/B          Am      Am7/G 
          Dm        G/B          Am      C 
               Dm    G/B                  Am     Am7/G 
                Why, tell me the reasons why 
               Dm    G/B                  Am              C 
               Try, still I don't understand 
               Dm G/B                Am                 Am7/G 
               Will I ever feel this again 
                Dm  G/B   Am                   C 
                Blue sky, I'll meet you in the end 
                Dm  G/B     Am                  Am7/G 
                Free them, free the memories of you 
                Dm  G/B  Am                      C 
                Free me, and rest 'til I'm with you 
 F                            E 
                A day like today 
                           Am       Em/G 
                My whole world has been changed 
 F                           Bb 
                Nothing you say 
                           E       F         Bbm7+/F        Dm7/9   Bbm7+      (2x)   
                Will help ease my pain 
                Dm  G/B                       Am        Am7/G 
                Turn, I'll turn this slowly round 
                 Dm   G/B                   Am     C 
                 Burn, burn to feel alive again 
                 Dm   G/B                   Am     Am7/G 
                 She, she'd want me to move on 
                 Dm  G/B Am                     C 
                 See me, this place I still belong 
 Dm                   G/B       Am                    Am7/G 
                 Give chase, to find more than I have found 
 Dm                  G/B  Am                    C 
                 And face, this time now on my own 
 F                          E 
                 Days disappear 
                         Am         Em/G 
                 And my world keeps changing 
 F                           Bb 
                  I feel you here 
                        E         F          B    F     
                 And it keeps me sane 
Bbm                            Gb7+ 
                 So I'm moving on 
                 I'll never forget 
                 As you lay there and watched me 
 Bbm                           Gb7+ 
                 Accepting the end 
                  I knew you were scared 
                 You were strong I was trying 
 Bbm                             Gb7+ 
                  I gave you my hand 
                               Db                    Ab/C 
                 I said it's okay letting go time to leave here 
 Bbm                            Gb7+ 
                And I'll carry on 
                                Db                     F/A 
                The best that I can without you here beside me 
 Db/Ab                           F#       F             Gb7+    Ebm/F#       F 
                Let him come and take you home 
             Dm7/9   Bbm7+      (8x)                Dm9 

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