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Chna Grove

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	  Intro:  E D A E (repeat 2x), EDA.. 
When the sun comes up on a sleepy little town 
D     A               E 
Down around San Antone 
And the folks are risin' for another day 
D      A          E 
round about their homes 
    C#m                    B (E B) 
The people of the town are strange 
            A        A    A#  B C 
and they're proud of where they came, 
            E                           D     A 
Well you're talkin' 'bout China Grove  
     (background vocals:  talkin' 'bout China Grove), 
Whoa oh ho... 
D   A        E      D   A   E 
Who ho China Grove 
Well the preacher and the teacher, Lord, they're a caution 
They are the talk of the town 
When the gossip hits the fan, they ain't lyin' 
when the sun goes fallin' down 
Well they say that the father's insane, 
and dear Missus Perkins a game, 
G#m B C#m 
      Well every day there's a new thing comin', 
F#m7                    C#m 
The ways of an oriental view. 
The sheriff and his buddies with their samurai swords, 
F#                    F#sus4   F#       G#m B  
you can even hear the music at night. 
And though it's a part of the Lone Star state 
F#m7                     C#m 
The people don't seem to care 
A                                       C D E  C D E 
They'll just keep on lookin' to the east... 
instrumental break(6 sets of E D A E like intro, then verse starting from C#m 
to end) 
1 measure on  E (end on beat 1) 


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