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I Couldn't Wait Forever

	  C                           F 
I couldn't wait forever did you expect me to 

C                             G7 
I guess you thought I'd never find somebody new 

C                                 F 
I lived on dreams and promises as long as I could 

                C           G7                C 
I couldn't wait forever the way you thought I would 

The lonely nights grew longer as I prayed for time to fly 

  C                                G7 
I lived on hopes that you'd return and that's how I got by 

C                            F 
The agony of loneliness just got too much for me 

                C       G7                       G 
I couldn't wait forever needing love so desperately 

     G7                        C 
So I found new lips to kiss me new arms to hold me tight 

  D7                              G7 
I found new love and happiness to fill these empty nights 

C                                   F 
You took my love for granted now my heart has found a new home 

                C       G7                 C 
I couldn't wait forever forever's just too long 

F               C       G7                 C 
I couldn't wait forever forever's just too long 

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